Project Background

Sean originally developed Prodigals with Twenty-Something Theatre for a 2010 workshop production and an official premiere in 2011. Both productions were directed by Peter Boychuk and took place in Vancouver, BC.

    While making revisions for the premiere, Sean also began working on the screenplay adaptation. From 2010 to 2013, he teamed up with director-producer Scott Weber (Desolation Sound) and story editor Brian Casilio to adapt this ensemble story into a single-character narrative for the big screen. However, financing didn’t come together for this production.

    In late 2013, Sean optioned his adapted screenplay to Whiskaye Films – a production company run by David Kaye and Jameson Parker, one of the actors from the play’s cast. Whiskaye later partnered with Sociable Films for a 2016 production in Vancouver, BC and Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

    The feature film adaptation of Prodigals is directed by Michelle Ouellet and stars Sara Canning and David Alpay. It premiered at the Whistler Film Festival in November 2017.

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